Lipton's 125th

Lipton 125th Anniversary Campaign Concept

Personal Project. I drink a lot of Lipton tea. 

Objective: Generate awareness of Lipton's heritage of democratizing tea among tea-drinking Millennials

Role: Art Director, Illustrator, Designer

Insight: Thomas Lipton democratized tea for the masses in 1853 in Hoboken, New Jersey, disrupting an industry that was formerly exclusive to the elite. That spirit resonated with innovative Millennials as everything from the toothbrush to mattress industries are being disrupted.  



  • Lipton Tea Package



Lipton has a rich history of advertising so my research went way back in time. I climbed out of that pile of research and used a type treatment that would feel vintage but still very accessible to current customers and used ligatures reminiscent of the fine China Thomas probably used, the kind my mother uses daily. 



An extension of this idea is a tea room takeover where guests are shown how to properly make the best cup of Lipton Tea instead of simply being served a cup and hurried on their way. This reinforces the product because the whole point of tea bags is that you can make it at home easily, but people do silly things like microwave the water or forget to steep and stir. Instructions will be available as a convenient take-home and all tea will be served in a commemorative to-go mug or for-here teacup to be reused.


This campaign will also extend to social media posing the question to Lipton's followers, "Who made you your first cup of tea?" Stories and photos will be submitted via Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook and 125 tea time memories will be gathered in a limited edition commemorative book that honors each of these stories.